The fields of disaster relief, emergency response, and remote medicine have developed vast and often effective systems for managing the logistics necessary to relieve human suffering during disasters. What these fields have not effectively addressed is the need for systems that treat the emotional side of disasters, namely psychological trauma. Lion Path International assists international NGO's, government agencies, and military organizations in integrating systems that address psychological trauma before, during, and after catastrophic events.


The Meaning Behind Lion path

The lion represents a protector in all of us. In Buddhist traditions, she is wise and fearless and free to roam the plains or the high tundra (in the form of a snow leopard). Across Asia, stone lions guard the entrance of temples and monasteries. We chose Lionpath because we are teaching a new paradigm -- a new path -- to those who already live to serve and protect: That while natural disasters and human crises appear as logistical and material problems, their impact on mass psychology is enormous and intergenerational.